Wellness Products from World Global Network

We offer a number of wellness products from World Global Network to help you take your health to the next level.

HELO Extense

Do you know anyone that has diabetes? Introducing the Extense. First ever non-invasive product offering tracking your sugar trends with no pricking of your finger.


Helo LX Plus wearable Oracle tracking your heart rate, blood pressure, calories, steps, EKG, steps, mood and energy level and the have the ability with your smartphone to track what is going on in your body and also having an option to have loved ones view the information also.

SmartLIFE Genetic Testing

Understand your unique makeup to achieve your personal health and fitness goals.  Your report also helps you understand the interactions between your genes, diet and exercise in terms of  sugar and carbohydrate metabolism, alcohol and caffeine metabolism, dietary fat intake and response to blood cholesterol and much, much more!

For more information on World Global Network at these products, visit http://worldsmartlife.com.

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