Our Story

Thank you for taking the time to learn about why raw juicing is about life, death, health and wellness to me. After losing my job as a hotel executive in the fall of 2013 I suffered an even more devastating blow, my brother, Rick Stewart, a nationally published sports photographer, died suddenly. Rick, was friend to everyone. He would have fit in well with the cast of Cheers because everyone knew of Rick and his kind heart. Unfortunately, Rick was also morbidly obese.

He became ill in spring of 2014 and I cared for him, along with my family and tried to getting him healthier but it was too late. He then contracted Ecoli throughout his entire body. He recovered to the point of being released from the hospital but sadly within one week of being home he passed away unexpectedly. Rick was only 55 years old. My family and I were devastated. I thought to myself, my only brother and close friend is gone and what am I going to do? While he was sick, I was a stress eater and was at my all time high weight. I said to myself I can’t let myself get like Rick. I have to be healthier and take care of myself as there is a lot of stress dealing with a sick loved one and a death in your family. I named by business Soul Juicin as a tribute to my brother Rick for he had a big heart and a big soul. Knowing he will be with me everyday in spirit as I strive to be healthier and help others to do the same is one of the motivating factors for starting Soul Juicin.

What started as a personal effort to live a more healthy life in 2015 has now turned into a business opportunity. I hope to make healthy and nutrient rich juice to anyone seeking a more healthful regimen. I hope I can make others realize the benefits of juicing and have a more healthy lifestyle for their years to come. Soul Juicin will support the local farmers in the Finger Lakes region by purchasing their seasonal fruits and vegetables year round. My recipes will consist of juices from fruits and vegetables that I can obtain from local growers in the current season.
Farmers Used in 2015-Fisher Hill Farms-Canandaigua
2016-Maplestone Farms-Stanley
2017 & 2019 Windhill Farms

I look forward to juicing with you!

Lynne Stewart, 

Now at 777 Culver Rd Rochester NY

Hours Mon 11-3pm/Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri 9-5pm/Sat 9-3pm Closed Sun