A healthy drink to soothe the soul...


We offer a wide variety of delicious cold-pressed juices, protein shakes, smoothies and more! Check our menu to see all we have to offer!


Everything you need to keep your body healthy!  Check out our wellness products including wearable technologies and essential oils.


Give the gift of health to your friends and loved ones!  Whether you want to gift a juice cleanse or some delicious juice, or anything else we have to offer, we have you covered.

We are now open at 777 Culver Road Rochester NY
(We are in the same building at Kitchen Verde & Lorraines)

Located in Pittsford, NY, Soul Juicin proudly offers fresh products every day and uses produce from farmers in the Finger Lakes when available.  We now also offer a full line of wellness products including protein shakes, wearable technologies and essential oils.

What started as a personal effort to live a more healthy life in 2015 now has turned into a business opportunity.  We hope to make healthy and nutrient rich juice to anyone seeking a more healthful regimen.

Thank You

It takes a small village of close friends to start up a business and I hope I haven’t left anyone out. You’re all very important to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lil Redhead Studio
Steve Martin
Kathy Kelleher Welch
Kim Launer
Sue Geckler
Pat & Don Santini
My Mum
Amy Jane Stewart
Ann, Rob, Matt, Megan Hovey
Jackie and Patrick Searle
Maureen Harris
Dan Harris
Steve Begley
Christina Bowe
Pierre & Karen Heroux
Melissa Endres
Kristin Kumpf
Maryalice & Dave Coons
Karin Allen
Michelle Alvaro
Kaaren Anderson
Trish Aser
Connie & Lou Barbone
Gary & Barb Strait
Rick Beaton
Bob & Karen Schaw
Drew Broderick
Lisa Johnson
Rhoda Childs
Donna Cator
Tamela Cayward
Janine Charleton
The Amit Chitre Family
Doug Louden
Craig & Ethan Sleeman 🙂
Jill & Jan VanMenxel/Quitzau
Diane & Ed Mills
Tom & Molly Dambra
Christine & John Pusloskie
M/M Marty Mills
Rick Blowers
Carol Roselle
Toni Delettera
Maryhelen Hogan
Teresa Rutt Peisher
Phil & Stacy Cammilleri
Karen & Dana Neu
Donna Jo Collins
Linda Bombard
Kim Condon
Sue & Hap Cutri
Ed Henry & Karen B
Gary & Sue Henry
Jen & Sean Herrick
Gail & Mike Lathan
Barb Papke
The Seeley Family
Jackie Lyttle
Kellie Hawks
David Denz
Michael D Antonio
Derek Distenfield
David Donnelly
The Michael Stratton Family
Linda Dwyer
Julia Wamp
Sharon Dye
Rita OConnor
Cynthia Evans & Gary Sanflippo
Kim Tinder
Anglea Francisco 🙂
Nancy and Dave Jones
Stephanie Jones
Allora Spa peeps
Teresa Gailber
Christina Stewart
Carol Gridley
Denise Osborn
Cathy & Joe Gurka
Katrina Collins
Diana Sanford
Lois & Dave Fleming
Pam Santini
Chelsea Henderson
Kaylee Wade
Connor Henderson
The Hossenlopp family
Joy W
Scott Kotcamp
Vicki Lane
Erin Mullign and Mike Ianello
Peg& Dave Halligan
Mike Linehan
Elizabeth Lowery
Doug Lowden
Sean Mannion
The Marfioti family
Margaret & Mike Fowler
Jody Jackson Moulton
Sue Ellen Hart
Terrie Sleeman
Erika Barros
Chelsea Young
Eric & Emily Zimmerman
Linda Blake
Pat Veri
Rebecca Ray
Lezlie Richardson
Mike & Sharon Roeder
Jacqueline Schaw
Jimmy Schneider
Gretchen Searle & Lauren Searle
Ryan Searle & Jessica Searle
Missy Piekunka
Sierra Seybolt
Abby Sitterely
Pat the Chai Guy
Linda Wheeler

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